The Roadogs Sanctuary
Never Underestimate An Underdog

Roadogs is known for rescuing breeds already prone to health issues, aka ‘Lovable Lemons!’ We’ve made an impact, with over 1,100 special needs dogs saved since 2018 — but a foster-based system is no longer sustainable for our growth.

Mork was rescued from a meat truck in China and brought to the U.S.
We are now daily turning away dogs desperate for help, simply because it’s becoming harder and harder to find people willing to foster old, sick, medical or disabled dogs who require extra care. But we can’t just turn our backs on these animals. They need our help.
If we want to expand our mission, we need this sanctuary.
Draper was surrendered at one week-old with half his leg missing due to amniotic band syndrome.
The sanctuary will give us the ability to save more incredible lives and create Happy EverAfters — both for the dogs — and the people who adopt them. It will provide an adoption space and home for our dogs — short or long-term — while also being an inspiring hub for the community. We believe it’s through compassion, community, and animals that we can make the world a better place!
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A rescue retreat in nature for our Lovable Lemons to stay, and for people to come to visit and recharge.

It will be the ultimate care environment for dogs.

Disability and medical issues are the main reasons a dog is discarded. But just because they require extra care does not mean they can’t have a wonderful life. The sanctuary will be instrumental in us being able to say “Yeah, Baby!” to more dogs because we’ll have staff and volunteers to help take care of them. We’ll provide amazing services like swim therapy, Acupuncture, and rehab — not just for our dogs but also for the paying public’s pets.

It’s not just for dogs, but for people too.

We're dedicated to ensuring that every visitor, regardless of their role, experiences a sense of fulfillment and renewal. We're committed to extending our outreach to underprivileged groups, such as the elderly, homeless, and more, to ensure that everyone feels valued and appreciated. Our sanctuary is open to all, including artists, gardeners, and anyone who wants to be a part of our loving and inclusive community.

The Goal Is

As places like Best Friends in Utah, and Gentle Barn in SoCal have already shown, animal sanctuaries can attract the public while still being true to the mission of saving lives.
From swim therapy and boarding for pets, to private events and open days for people, the sanctuary will expand our ability to diversify our income beyond individual donations.
Revenue streams
will include:
  • Sanctuary Dog Sponsorship
  • Sanctuary Open Day
  • Merch Store
  • Branded Supplements/CBD
  • Pet Boarding
  • Overnight Visits/Volunteer Vacations
  • Private events e.g. birthday party
  • Spa services e.g. Swim therapy/acupuncture
  • Celebration of Life Ceremonies
  • And more!
The sanctuary is born from my love of dogs, desire to help others and search for meaning. Life can be stressful and sometimes, we feel disconnected and disillusioned. But animals and nature provide comfort, Joy, and inspiration. The sanctuary will be a place of healing for the dogs, and in turn, they will make us smile — and maybe heal us, too.
Thank you so much for being part of this exciting mission. I look forward to meeting you there.
Let’s save some Lemons.

We are looking for passionate patrons to bring this sanctuary to life. If you’d like to get involved, click below.